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Project introduction

WELCOME TO INCHEON BRIDGE As the first domestic private investment business managed by foreign companies and purely private investors only, Incheon Bridge was constructed for the purpose of establishing a crucial infrastructure to the East Asian economy. Moreover, as a gateway connecting Korea to the world, it will play its part in Korea becoming an economic logistic hub.

Biggest in the World!
  • Dolphin-type Collision Protection


  • Marine bridge PSC Girder Lump
    Construction Method (FALM Bridge)


  • Pile Loading Test

    Compressive load over 30,000t

Biggest in the Country!
  • Bridge Size

    Total Length:18.38km
    Span length of cable stayed girder

    Pylon height of cable stayed girder bridge


  • Installation of Major Bridge Expansion Joints

    Maximum Expansion Length:2m

  • Pylon base PC How manufactured, installed

    35mx28mx5.4m / 1,800ton

    Large-diameter Drilled Shaft Applied

    Diameter:3m / Length:Maximum 76m

First in the Country
  • Separated implementation
    and construction,
    Public bidding
  • Private sector investment project run
    by foreign companies
  • Implemented PM system,
    and Fast Track to private
    sector investment project
Business Size
Bridging the world
Incheon Bridge
  • Name
    Incheon Bridge Private Investment Business
  • Business Purpose
    Establish crucial infrastructure in the economic hub of East Asia
  • Business Cost Total
    Business Cost Total :2.3829 trillion
    - Marine Bridge:1.5201 trillion won (773.9 billion+Government subsidy 746.2 billion won)
    - Connecting Road:862.8 billion won
  • Facility Size
    Facility Size Business Extension:21.4km(Bridge Extension 18.4km)
    Bridge:Cable –stayed girder bridge, overpass, approach bridge, hybrid half-through arc bridge,
    cable-stayed girder bridge with butterfly-type pylons, extradosed bridge Access to Facilities: 6 Places (Airport Town Square JCT, Yeongjong IC, Yeonsu JCT, Songdo IC, Okryun IC, Hak-ik JCT)
  • Construction Period
    July 2005 – October 2009 (52 months)
  • Business Section
    Songdo International Business District – Yeongjongdo Island
  • 2009
    • 2009.10.24

      Began operation

    • 2009.10.22

      End of construction and management

    • 2009.10.16

      Opening ceremony

  • 2005
    • 2005.07.01

      Began construction

    • 2005.06.17

      Enforcement plan authorized

    • 2005.06.15

      Financial investment confirmed

    • 2005.05.30

      Agreement on span changes signed (700→800m)

    • 2005.05.03

      Change by agreement signed

  • 2004
    • 2004.12.17

      Proposal of expanding 800m of span by Incheon and confirmed

    • 2004.05.24

      Designated design and contractor (Samsung C&T JV)

    • 2004.03.05

      Design and contractor qualification test completed and notice of tender

  • 2003
    • 2003.06.13

      Business implementer designated and enforcement agreement signed

  • 2001
    • 2001.07.04

      Incheon Bridge Co., Ltd. selected as preferred bidder

    • 2001.04.09

      Offer for 3rd party announced

    • 2001.03.22

      Vote for private proposal project (plan) of Incheon Bridge by Ministry of Planning and Budget

  • 2000
    • 2000.02.28

      Submitted private investment project proposal of Incheon Bridge to Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs

  • 1999
    • 1999.12.23

      Found Incheon Bridge Co., Ltd.

    • 1999.07.05

      TOI between heads of state during the president’s visit to Canada