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“ Thank you for visiting the homepage of Incheon
Bridge, Korea’s representative landmark.”

CEO, Incheon Bridge Park Jong Hyek

Hello, I am Park Jong Hyek, CEO of Incheon Bridge Co., Ltd.

Incheon Bridge is the representative bridge in Korea that connects the Incheon
International Airport to the Songdo International Business District, measured at

It has shortened time from Seoul and southern parts of Gyeonggi-do by
approximately 40 minutes, and since its opening in October of 2009 over 10 million
cars yearly have used the bridge to get to Incheon International Airport,
Yeongjongdo Island, and other tourist attractions near Songdo.

As a gateway connecting Korea with the world, Incheon Bridge is recognized as a
world class bridge with its grand scale, beautiful exterior, traffic management
systems utilizing state of the art technology, etc.

Also, it was built for the purpose of establishing crucial infrastructure for East Asian
economy, and thereby will play its part in Korea becoming an economic logistic hub.

Incheon Bridge never stops striving to assure the convenience and safe traveling of
its customers.

Your unchanging interest and support will be much appreciated.
Thank you.