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Highway designated car Guidance We will do our best to preserve the highway and to ensure the safety of the vehicles we use.

What is a designated lane? - A system that designates vehicles that can be passed by road according to the specifications and performance of vehicles in order to enhance the efficiency of road use and ensure traffic safety.

Road-by-road traffic method

Road-by-road traffic method

Road-by-road traffic method
Lane Type Lane classification Passable type of vehicle
One way
two lane
First lane Overtaking lane
However, due to road conditions, such as an
increase in traffic volume, it is inevitable to drive at
less than 80 km/h.
Second lane All Vehicles
One way
or higher
First lane The left-hand lane is the overtaking lane of a passing vehicle.
Provided, That if the road conditions, such as the increase in traffic volume,
inevitably lead to traffic of less than 80 km/h, it is
possible to drive.
A car, A light car, A compact car, A medium-sized van
Large-sized passenger cars, freight cars, special cars, construction machinery cars

Relevant laws and regulations

Relevant laws and regulations
Standard of offence in case of violation Laws and regulations on highway designated lanes
A fine for punishment Article 60 Paragraph 1 of the Road Traffic Act
(No access to new roads, etc.)
Article 39 of the Enforcement Rules of the Road Traffic Act
(Transportation by Road)
van, truck over four tons,
special car, construction machinery car
50,000 won
a van; a truck under four tons. 40,000 won