Incheon Theme Tour

Enjoy! Romantic 21.38 km above sea

View Points of the Beautiful Incheon Bridge

A new Incheon Bridge can be met at every view point
인천대교기념관 전망대

Incheon Bridge Memorial Observatory

"A View Point with the History of Incheon Bridge"

The history of Incheon Bridge can be seen at the Incheon Bridge Memorial, and nearby
tourist attractions can be observed from the observatory.

Incheon Bridge Observatory (Songdo Ocean Scope)

"An Observatory with Exhibition Areas for the People"

This place has both the Incheon Bridge Observatory and exhibition areas for the people.
It is also known as the ‘container observatory’ due to it being built of container boxes based on the idea of Incheon as a logistic city.
The Incheon Bridge can be properly viewed by going inside the container box.
This is at an angle for seeing the pylons along the ‘C’ shaped pier of Incheon Bridge.
The fact that the bridge can be seen in its entirety thanks to no obstacles to block the view is another merit.
인천대교 전망대
청량산 전망대

Mt. Cheongnyangsan Observatory

"A Straight Line View Point of Incheon Bridge Towards Yeongjongdo Island"

From the ship shaped observatory located on top of Mt. Cheongnyangsan (172m) located
behind the Memorial Hall for Incheon Landing Operation, Songdo Recreation Area, Songdo International Business District, and the Incheon Bridge can all be fit in one frame.

The straight Incheon Bridge is visible from the right side from Mt. Cheongnyangsan Observatory.
It is also easily approachable by parking at Hobulsa Temple parking lot (free), climbing 600 stairs, which leads very closely to the summit.

Yeongjongdo Island

"Where the Sunrise Hanging From the Pylons of Incheon Bridge is Beautiful"

At Yeongjongdo Island, sunrise can be seen with the pylons of Incheon Bridge in the background.
Here the ‘ㄱ’ shaped curve of the Incheon Bridge can be framed.
월미도 월미산 전망대

Wolmido Island Mt. Wolmisan Observatory (Wolmidalbitmaru Observatory)

"Observatory where the Incheon Bridge and the port can be seen from all 360 degrees"

Wolmidalbitmaru is located on top of Mt. Wolmisan, located 108m above sea level.
This place is located where Incheon Bridge is visible at almost a right angle, making it
possible for a 360 degree view, so other Incheon’s ports, night view of Chinatown, etc. can be seen.

Incheon Bridge Driving

"Viewing from Inside Your Car on the Incheon Bridge is the Best Point!"

Driving on the bridge is the closest way to experience the Incheon Bridge.
The 15 minutes it approximately takes to cross the Incheon Bridge is a time to enjoy driving without being
disturbed by anyone.
인천대교 드라이브
인천대교 근접 선상

On Board Ships Near Incheon Bridge

"On Ships Coming In and Out of Incheon Bridge"

The Incheon Bridge can be viewed on board ships going in and out of Incheon Bridge.


"Miniature Incheon Bridge as Seen from the Sky"

A miniature Incheon Bridge can be seen on board the plane.